Welcome to Learn, Nourish, Live!

Understanding health, wellness, nutrition, anything within the same realm as these topics, can be tricky. You google one thing and get ten million results, each one overloaded with information more complex than the last. Trying to figure out where to start, what to believe, everything (!!) about the process can be overwhelming, and super hard!

That’s why I decided to create this site. I want to help people like you, people who are the complete opposites of you, and everyone in between understand the benefits food can have, in the simplest way! I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but I’m going to tell you the overused truth, yet again: food is fuel for our bodies. Some foods have the power to aid in the healing of problems that you may have been experiencing for years- I’m not saying all problems, but a surprising amount- and all it takes is finding out which foods offer the nutrients that you need.

To those who are skeptical about the concept of food having even the slightest of healing properties, I understand. It may seem far-fetched. Some of you might event think it’s crazy…but I have experienced this personally, and have seen people close to me, who were initially hesitant to believe, resolve issues they have been struggling with their entire lives by adopting the habit of eating food purposefully.

Don’t get me wrong, we still love snacks on this site. I’m a sucker for a bag of chips, and have such a big sweet tooth that it’s actually concerning. You don’t need to say goodbye to those completely to have a healthy life! (PSA: I’m not a doctor, and fitness pros might not agree, but I’m doing alright without a six-pack so we’re gonna go with it.) With that being said, another something I’m sure you’ve all heard before… it’s all okay, as long as it’s in moderation. One little spinach leaf is not going to make a dent in your nutritional well-being if the rest of your meals that day consisted of pizza and fun-sized candy bars.

So… What vitamins or minerals help the problems your body is having? Which foods can they be found in?? And just how much do you need to eat everyday for them to have an affect???

Baby steps, my friend. The beginning of this blog will be purely nutritional basics: which vitamins and minerals are good for what, where you can find them, and so on. It will be the information that is essential for your foundation of nutritional knowledge. As this site grows, so will you, your knowledge, healthy habits, and more! All amazing things to help you nourish your life.

Bear with me as this blog gains its footing, before developing into what its meant to be… If you’re willing to be patient, this site is going to have TONS of easy access, everyday nutritional info. Not only will it serve you as a reference guide, but it will provide you with posts on a wide variety of issues and topics pertaining to maximizing your health, as well as trends in the health and organic food industries. I really hope this site makes a positive impact in your life, and serves you as a tool to help guide yourself to your best, happiest, healthiest life! We’ll be learning a lot of new things together, and I couldn’t be more excited to go on this journey with you!

Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness. — Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu